I read a lot, and consider myself a good judge of a book’s character, so to speak. I’ve noticed lately, especially on Amazon, that there are a lot of so-called reviews out there on the Web that, while maybe not deliberately disingenuous, inaccurate, or just plain misleading, are nonetheless all three. This site is my effort (for what its worth!) to put that to rights, and to give you, the potential reader of these works, a true indication or idea of the quality of the book you are potentially about to splash your cash on.

To be honest, I also just wanted to keep track of what I was reading, and to get practice at writing myself, even if it is just reviews.

So for these two main reasons I decided to keep track of the books I read, as I read them, and to write quick reviews of each.

I would hope that this would of some interest and/or benefit to you, esteemed reader, particularly as the reviews I write are completely honest and open reviews, not written on the back of some agenda, affiliate deal or just plain following the proverbial herd etc. I like to think I am a reasonable judge of the written word, and I think you can rely on my ratings perhaps more than you would other sites.

As I say, I don’t follow the herd when reviewing books: for example my review of Delirium, by Lauren Oliver, is completely at odds with the “crowd” reviews on Amazon, where it it is touted as an amazing work of fiction – perhaps it would be, if a 6-year-old had written it.

So overall, I think we can both win from this arrangement. I fulfill a slightly narcissistic urge to publish the books I read, to share my thoughts on them, and you hopefully will get some worthwhile info on a book you may be thinking about reading.


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